Hairstyles are always changing and always following a trend. If you're ever unsure of what the latest looks are, you should come on in and see us! Our stylists are trained in all the latest styles so that you never feel out of date and like you aren't stylish. When it comes to coloring techniques and looks, hombre is one that you're sure that love!

Michael Marina Salon wants to deliver a color that complements you and works with your lifestyle. Hombre is perfect for those looking to achieve a blonder look without a bunch of upkeep and salon visits. While the bottom parts of your hair shine bright with blonde tones, closer to your roots it's darker and more natural. This allows for a longer grow out process, as you aren't constantly worrying about coming in to fix your roots! Our stylists are professionally trained on all the correct hombre techniques in order to get you looking and feeling bright!

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